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Form N-400, Application for Naturalization

Naturalizing is an important decision and a categorical process for every green card holder in the US; considering the practical benefits, rights and privileges offered only to the US citizens.

Naturalized citizens enjoy higher employment rates and earning capacity when compared to noncitizens. Participating in civic duty, sponsoring family members, citizenship for children, Federal and state employment, additional financial aid and grants are some of the other endowments that US citizenship offers.

Individuals who are at least 18 years old and have been a permanent resident for at least 5 years (or 3 years if you are married to a U.S. citizen) and meet all other eligibility requirements qualify for naturalization. Those who meet all the requirements should complete Form N-400 and submit it along with the required documents to apply for naturalization.


Advantages of becoming a US citizen

  • Right to vote
  • Citizenship for children
  • Sponsoring family members
  • Globe-trotting made easy
  • Federal and State benefits
  • Medicare and Social Security
  • Higher employment rate
  • Better earnings
  • Eligibility for financial aids and grants

Application Process

Secured Filing exclusively dedicated to prepare and complete Government forms with ease. The Naturalization application process requires one to file and submit the USCIS Form N-400. Form filing requires careful navigation of the form without committing any mistakes and providing correct information.

Smart Fill Your Form N-400 with Secured Filing

Our personalized form filling instructions will make the entire process simple and easy. We provide digitized application processes that help applicants in proper submission of documents and application with the Government. securedfiling.com team provides an all-inclusive solution with a straightforward process.

We maintain quality and credibility in providing process solutions to inquiries and addressing individual applicant’s requirements. We understand their unique needs and respond accordingly. We have a software application designed to provide the users with a step by step process which helps in filing applications accurately.

The software is designed by making provision for every impediment that the user might encounter during form filing and also provides counteractive measures to overcome these deterrents before proceeding with the application. It only takes a few minutes, and you are all set to go to file your application right away.

Secured Filing takes pride in maintaining a standard of excellence in all our services. We assure that our ideology, commitment and advantage remain constant for every client.


Why Secured Filing for N – 400?

  • 24/7 customer support
  • 100% Information Security
  • Error-free form filing
  • Customized instructions


  • Online Preparation Fee : $99
  • USCIS Processing Fee : $640
  • Biometrics Fee : $85

Disclaimer: securedfiling.com is an immigration based software & technology entity and is not affiliated or approved by any government agency. We are not a law firm and do not provide any legal advise. The service fee that you pay to us does not include any applicable government filing fees. We assist you in filling the forms accurately and ensure that it is ready to be filed with the USCIS by you. You can get blank paper forms for free from the USCIS. Our refund policy, Terms and Conditions can be found at the bottom of the page for your understanding.

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